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My Joy

My joy

My greatest joy is being a mother to four beautiful and unique children.

I love capturing their personalities through my lens. When I photograph them something really authentic happens that allows me to see the precious details I may have missed in the course of a busy everyday life. Suddenly those ordinary moments captured become extraordinary, the imperfect moments really become the most perfect image because it is just them being themselves.

I love photographing my oldest daughters eyelashes that one day soon will be forever covered with mascara. My youngest daughter’s tiny toes that still have a hint of baby chub. My oldest sons infectious giggle that I can literally hear in the photograph. My youngest sons delicious sleepy face and impossibly tousled hair when he wakes from his afternoon nap that will soon be gone from our daily routine. As a mom of two sets of twins, I am in a unique position to capture and understand not only the special relationships of siblings but of multiples.

I love the anticipation and joy I feel crafting a custom portrait session. For me, every time I view an image after the session it  is like unwrapping a present. The unexpected moments that are captured for all time. The moments that are your joy.

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