I fell head over heels in love with photography at the age of eleven when a great aunt who owned a camera shop sent me a professional 35mm film camera. For the next eight years we were inseparable my camera and I. Many happy hours were spent in my school's darkroom creating exciting images for our newspaper and yearbook.

I have always been an archivist at heart, organizing my grandparents photos when I was just 10 years old. This love of family history and American history followed me to college and then into teaching.

My passion for the art of story telling through great photographic images was rekindled when my own children were born. My first born arrived just as the age of accessible digital photography did. The transition from film images to digital images gave me not only a solid photography base but the distinct advantage of experience that called for getting it right in camera instead of trying to save a bad image with extensive digital manipulation. My images are very natural, nothing beats quality lighting and natural skin tones.

There are so many interests and events that have brought all of us such great joy and happiness in our adolescence. As we become adults and our great responsibilities and schedules take over, it easy to abandon the passions that made us, well us!

For me it is truly a gift to have rediscovered the photography of my youth in a whole new way. My journey has brought me full circle to an authentic part of me, a part of me that I would love to share photographing your journey.


My greatest joy is being a mother to four beautiful and unique children.

I love capturing their personalities through my lens. When I photograph them something really authentic happens that allows me to see the precious details I may have missed in the course of a busy everyday life. Suddenly those ordinary moments captured become extraordinary, the imperfect moments really become the most perfect image because it is just them being themselves.

I love photographing my oldest daughters eyelashes that one day soon will be forever covered with mascara. My youngest daughter's tiny toes that still have a hint of baby chub. My oldest sons infectious giggle that I can literally hear in the photograph. My youngest sons delicious sleepy face and impossibly tousled hair when he wakes from his afternoon nap that will soon be gone from our daily routine. As a mom of two sets of twins, I am in a unique position to capture and understand not only the special relationships of siblings but of multiples.

I love the anticipation and joy I feel crafting a custom portrait session. For me, every time I view an image after the session it is like unwrapping a present. The unexpected moments that are captured for all time. The moments that are your joy.