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Kamee June Workshop


Everyone has to have one, a mentor but seldom do we get to have the one. The one we have on a pedestal and hope to learn from- someday. I was lucky enough to meet my one and hang out with her and learn from her. Bask in her glow- no really- Kamee June glows and you would know this if you  have seen her work because her images glow with light, love, romance and humor. She is more energetic then that oh so famous bunny and a heart so huge I am unsure how it is contained in all that petite prettiness! She is a gracious business woman, brilliant at branding, and her images- oh they just make you happy. Her creativity is awe inspiring and I could not have chosen a better mentor and a more perfect workshop as my first experience into my new world! Kamee was the consummate workshop host and so generous. She was an open book when it came to sharing all her knowledge from business to photographing to post processing. Kamee was a teacher and has a true teacher’s heart. There were many attendees all in different phases of photography, some with established business wanting to take it to the next level, others like me just starting out. I literally ordered my camera and took it out of the box on the airplane ride to Kamee’s workshop! I would not recommend that per se but it worked out great – I had no time to learn bad habits, Kamee said your going to only shoot in manual, and walked us through every step! Kamee even had one of her best friends, Julie Rollins there to help those of  us who speak Nikon. Julie is such a beautiful photographer, she specializes in newborn photography. Her work is so special and I swear she knows more about the technical aspects of a Nikon camera then- well Nikon!

I had such a great time meeting the other photographers,  as well as the wonderful Amanda and fabulous Katrina.  It is fair to say I want to be Kamee June when I grow up but due to the fact that I am already so much older than Kamee, I do not think that is going to work out for me! All kidding aside, it is always the small unexpected lessons in life that sometimes have the biggest impact, Kamee thanks for teaching me about community, gratitude and integrity.


                                   Workshop Hostess: Kamee June


                                    Workshop Assistants/coordinators

                                        Amanda Schiavi and Julie Rollins


                                      Workshop Stylist & Stylized Shoot:

                                         Katrina Kirk


                                      Workshop Models:

                                         Vince & Ashley, Bianca, Hannah, Rebekah and Kaelynn

                                      Workshop Details:

                                         Shannon Eberhardt


                                                Bethany Gramham



                                          Edenglen Clubhouse

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